Registration Form for the Stockholm University Language Cafe

Using this form, students and staff members from Stockholm University and its partner universities can sign up to participate in Language Cafes hosted by Stockholm University.

After completing this form, you will receive a confirmation link by email. Please click on the link to confirm your registration before joining your first Language Cafe.

Once you have registered, you are welcome to participate in as many or as few language cafe sessions as you like, in whichever languages you like. We will ask for your name and university when you enter the language cafe reception, but we do not take attendance or track the participation of any individual participant.

The Language Cafe schedule and Zoom meeting link can be found on our website.

Welcome to the Language Cafes!

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User conditions

The purpose of the Stockholm University Language Cafe is to practise the language(s) of your choice together with other learners and native-level language supporters. The language supporters at each session, “coordinators”, are student volunteers. They share their knowledge as language users, but are not formal language teachers.

Participation in a Language Cafe is based on mutual respect between the participants. Any inappropriate or disrespectful behaviour towards fellow language cafe participants, coordinators or Språkstudion staff will result in immediate suspension from the Language Cafe. When you sign up for the program, you confirm that you agree to these conditions.

Your personal data is collected for the purpose of giving you access to the Language Cafe. All data will be handled according to EU data protection regulation and stored according to current regulations and routines at Stockholm University. You can at any time contact Språkstudion at to withdraw your participation in the Language Cafes.

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After pressing ”Send”, you will receive a confirmation link by e-mail. Please click the link to confirm your registration. Remember that the confirmation will be sent to your official university e-mail address. If the confirmation email does not arrive, please contact Språkstudion at